Precious Memorial Jewellery available from Love is a Moment

Memorial Fingerprint Jewellery. In Loving Memory

Precious memories of your loved one held close to your heart forever with our unique fingerprint jewellery. Their unique print captured to create a unique piece of memorial fingerprint jewellery. We cannot turn back time but we can capture special moments to create precious memories.


Remembering a loved one with the perfect keepsake jewellery

Our Story

When Glen's dear Mother, Eileen, recently passed away, we wanted to create a special gift for Glen's sister and nieces, something to treasure forever, something unique to Eileen that was hers & hers alone. Our fingerprint jewellery was the perfect answer. Fingerprints are truly unique and personal. The finished piece of jewellery was a beautiful solid silver pendant shown above, to be cherished, held close to your heart forever So, Love is a Moment fingerprint jewellery was born.  

Messages of Love, Hope and Inspiration Fingerprint Jewellery

Our unique collection of heartfelt messages can help to comfort you at this time and in the future with each piece accompanied by a precious 9ct rose gold plated charm. A loved ones print can be added to create a unique piece of memorial fingerprint jewellery to keep forever close to your heart.

Genuine Birthstone Fingerprint Jewellery

Remember a loved one with a special message and birthstone personalised with their unique fingerprint

Favourite Memories

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Favourite Memories

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Taking care of your Precious Prints

We find that often a loved ones fingerprints have already been taken whilst in hospital or in hospice care but no need to worry if not as we are here to help. You can request that the funeral director takes the prints for you before the funeral as they may offer this service. If not we are happy to speak to the person looking after your loved one and provide them with our fingerprint kit and assistance.

Once taken our skilled craftsmen can replicate the delicate detail of your loved one's print to laser engrave the fine detail onto any of our precious sterling silver pieces in our collection. You can be assured of the highest standards of service and quality when creating your permanent reminder
of a loved one to hold close to your heart forever.

Fingerprint jewellery is one of the most emotive ways to keep a loved one close

Love is a Moment to Treasure Forever

- Glen and Kay

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