Precious Fingerprint Jewellery available from Love is a Moment

Fingerprint Jewellery

Each precious piece of jewellery within our collection of necklaces, bracelets and keyrings can be personalised with your loved ones unique fingerprint captured in solid sterling silver.


Our unique collection of heartfelt messages of love, hope and inspiration with the option to include a loved one's fingerprint

Love is a Moment to Treasure Forever

Moments are precious and can never be repeated only remembered.
Our collection of heartfelt messages help you capture your own special moment creating memories forever.
The 9ct Rose Gold plated charm helps embrace the moment while adding movement and style.
Each piece is handcrafted in sterling silver and can be personalised with your loved ones unique fingerprint, special date, names or messages.

Love is a Moment, to Treasure Forever

Genuine Birthstone Fingerprint Jewellery

A message of hope and inspriration personalised with your birthstone and a loved one's fingerprint.


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Taking a Fingerprint

It's really easy to capture a fingerprint following the steps below, using a pencil and sticky take and we have also included a video for you to watch.

1. Colour in a patch of paper using the pencil
2. Rub your finger over the patch to transfer to your finger
3. Place your finger onto the sticky side of the sellotape to capture your print
4. Stick the tape onto a piece of white paper and you have your fingerprint

You can then take a photo with your phone and send as an attachment to us at where our skilled craftsmen will replicate the delicate detail of your special print to laser engrave the fine detail onto any pieces in our collection.

Fingerprint jewellery is one of the most emotive ways to keep a loved one close

Once you have placed an order you can send your print to