A Collection of Eco-Friendly Jewellery and Memorial Keepsakes

Eco-Friendly Fingerprint Jewellery

Your precious keepsake helping to take care of our planet.

When you choose a piece of quality fingerprint jewellery from Love is a Moment, we can guarantee that it is made using recycled silver from sustainable sources. All of our Jewellery is handmade in the UK, we can trace its origins, so with your loved ones, you are helping the enviroment. Even our beautiful packaging is sustainable.

Fingerprints and why they are so special

Our fingerprints are totally unique and remain the same from birth until death. They are a testament to the beauty of diversity and the complexity of the human spirit. Everyday we go out into the world and touch lives, we leave impresions on others. Your loved one leaves behind their spiritual fingerprints all over our lives. Fingerprints can never be wiped from our hearts and minds of those who loved them.

At Love is a Moment, our fingerprint collection comes with a lifetime guarantee.


Precious memories of your loved one held close to your heart forever.

When Glen's dear Mother, Eileen, recently passed away, we wanted to create a special gift for Glen's sister and nieces, something to treasure forever, something unique to Eileen that was hers & hers alone. Our fingerprint jewellery was the perfect answer. Fingerprints are truly unique and personal. The finished piece of jewellery was a beautiful solid silver pendant shown above, to be cherished, held close to your heart forever So, Love is a Moment fingerprint jewellery was born.  


A stunning gift for my daughter on her special day Thanks love is a moment.


I love my birthstone necklace with the names of my children engraved.


Thank you for the wonderful gift for my lovely wife who was over the moon.